Twelve years old and hailing from the heart of Los Angeles, Jeffrey Campbell has slowly become the footwear brand to know in the US. As the collection has grown, changed, evolved and expanded we have worked diligently to offer a point of view that reflects who we are—who we strive to become. Our family based company, small and hard working, is forever on the search for new inspiration, concepts and details which all combine to create the many styles you see us offer each season. In short, we love what we do, and we strive to show that passion in each seasonal offering.

Based around vintage inspirations, runway trending and the grind of daily life, Jeffrey Campbell has emerged as the footwear choice of fashion nomads globally. In recent years, Jeffrey Campbell has become more available in Europe, popping up in high concept boutiques and on the shelves of top retailers across the continent. With our focus on an international fashion conscious client we have been thrilled to see our collection being offered globally, arriving on the doorsteps of more and more top boutiques around the world each season. We sell all around the world, currently in 56 countries, and the list grows as we continue developing our brand.

Jeffrey Campbell remains today a small family owned fashion forward footwear label, that roots itself in creating fast paced footwear for the woman on the go. Our inspiration comes from the everyday woman, the girl on the street, the lady on the subway, the inspiration is YOU. With an eye for detail and a close concentration to concept and design, the Jeffrey Campbell collection offers something for everyone.  Thank you to all of our valued clients both new and old, we thank you for the most amazing past twelve years, and we look forward to the next twelve. You can easily stay up to date with all of our new projects, adventures and newest arrivals by staying up to speed with our facebook fan page, or by following us on twitter @JCshoes.